Fully Managed Service

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Fully Managed Service

Dublin Coffee Solutions provide a fully managed service for clients in Dublin and throughout Ireland that is tailored to meet your every requirement throughout the term of your contract.

Prior To Installation

Once an order is confirmed, the schedule for supply, delivery and installation is discussed and agreed with each customer, prior to final confirmation. Wherever possible, the delivery, installation and commissioning of equipment will be completed on the same day and always in the shortest possible time, ensuring minimum inconvenience at your location and a speedy commencement of service.


Each client of Dublin Coffee Solutions will have a dedicated account manager who is primarily responsible for the successful delivery of your contract requirements. Our account managers will be in regular contact to ensure you are satisfied with your service.

Service Division

In the event you require technical advice or your equipment develops a fault, our customer support manager is always available to address any issues you have. Our dedicated technicians will maintain your equipment as detailed in the terms of the contract. And in the event a machine should develop a fault, we will respond within four hours and guarantee a same day service.

Administration Department

Our administration department will set up your account prior to installation and administer all aspects throughout the term of the contract. We are always on hand to assist with anything, should you need help with your account.


Providing clients with a professional and efficient installation is our main priority. A senior member of our operations department will oversee the entire installation process while account managers and service team experts handle details of your requirements.

Account Management

Your account manager will visit your premises every day in the first week of your contract to ensure everything runs smoothly and that nay appropriate fine-tuning to your requirements are addressed to your total satisfaction. After this initial settling in period, your account manager will continue to maintain your equipment and service with regular weekly visits, throughout the term of the contract, suggesting and implementing agreed adjustments to keep in-line with ever changing business circumstances.

Quality Standards

Through membership to our industry’s regulatory body and the compulsory annual audit and re-certification requirement, you can be assured of the highest standards of quality and service. Every member of our support team has successfully completed comprehensive training programmes, with a detailed health & hygiene certification.

Disaster Recovery Programme

Dublin Coffee Solutions has a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Programme, to ensure that not only can our business continue under any circumstance, but more importantly, we guarantee the level of service and support you receive will be maintained at all times.